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  • Empathy for the Driver

  • To the Barricades!

  • Perfect and Good

  • Politics and the Bicycle

    Chutzpah: the supermajority on Vancouver’s City Council, ABC (“A Better City”), ripped out iconic Stanley Park’s protected bike lane to make room for drivers to enjoy nature through windshields. Lucy Maloney, Vancouver safe streets activist, says that ABC has its sights on other bike lanes. But there’s always hope.  Then, cohosts Seamus, Taylor, and Nick…

  • Bike Advocacy Evolves

    Transcript: bit.ly/3OmdSnE 0:29 https://on.soundcloud.com/xwxnT Money Talks: Truck sideguards are proven to save lives; the League of American Bicyclists’ Deputy Executive Director Caron Whitaker tells cohost Taylor Nichols how the USDOT chose the trucking industry over lives.  10:33 https://on.soundcloud.com/Le7gy Advocacy Roots: A recent Bike Talk forum covered the past, present, and future of Bike Advocacy in…

  • Bikeways Ca Legislation Nyc Open Street Mass Rail Trail

    Bikeways, active transportation, climate change, and safe streets with Laura Friedman, California state Assemblymember and Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee, in conversation with Dave Snyder, Executive Director of the California Bicycle Coalition, and Melanie Curry, Editor of Streetsblog California. a43.asmdc.org/ New York City’s Jackson Heights created “Paseo Park,” a 1.3-mile stretch where “vehicles are…