Month: July 2021

  • Craig Della Penna

    Craig Della Penna worked in the railroad industry, and wrote a series of books on the history of old railroad lines converted to walking and biking trails. Craig also worked at the New England Rails-to-Trails Conservancy to prevent bad policy at the state and local level, “parachuting” into rail trail wars in the northeast. He…

  • Rachel Aldred

    Rachel Aldred, Professor of Transport at the University of Westminster and Director of the Active Travel Academy, talks to Bike Talk cohost Andrea Learned about who we plan for, planning not for cycling as it is but how it will be, how people respond to change, getting more people on bikes, decision makers on bikes,…

  • Connecticut River Valley Bikes

    Don and Nick virtually explore bike use in Western Massachusetts with Shannon Bliven, Community Outreach and Business Development person at Valley Bike Share, and Ruthy Woodring, co-founder of Pedal People, a worker’s collective that hauls trash and compost in Northampton and surrounding

  • Curbing Traffic

    Melissa and Chris Bruntlett share the Netherlands model of reducing cars to create livable cities. Their new book, Curbing Traffic: The Human Case for Fewer Cars in Our Lives is available at

  • Marcel Steeman and Chris Bruntlett Lego Lanes

    Marcel Steeman got enough votes for his bike-friendly city set to move on to the next stage at Lego Ideas. Will Denmark-based Lego take the idea and bike with it?Interviewed by Chris Bruntlett, Marketing and Communication Manager with the Dutch Cycling Embassy, author of “Building the Cycling City” and “Curbing Traffic.”