Month: November 2021

  • Bike Minds

    Lindsay Sturman interviews Maurits Lopes Cardozo, a designer of solutions for bicycle networks at Bike Minded; Chase Engelhardt, Policy Analyst & Organizer with Climate Resolve; and Laura Shepherd, an organizer for Transportation Alternatives in New York City. Edited by Kevin Burton

  • World Day of Remembrance

    On the 2021 World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, Babs Owca, with Half Acre Cycling, remembers fellow rider Adé Hogue, whose death by car and subsequent ghost bike vigil brought traffic to a standstill in Chicago. “Grandma Beverly” Shelton tells the story of her 5 year old grandson, who was killed in…

  • Brett and Roland Bike Talk Audioedited 1

    The combination of bikes and public transit with Netherlands “bike train guru,” Roland Kager…em/roland-kager and Brett Atencio Thomas, Principal Transportation Planner at Los Angeles Metro Lindsay Sturman, Bike Talk cohost, interviews. Edited by Kevin Burton. bikes transit

  • 25×25 and Massbike

    The audacious new plan to devote 25% of LA and NYC streets to people by 2025 is explained by Safe Streets For All founder Michael Schneider to Bike Talk cohost Lindsay Sturman. + Galen Mook, Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition Executive Director and host of Boston’s Bike Talk, shares his #bikejoy and #bikestruggle. Edited by Kevin Burton.