Month: September 2021

  • Bycs

    Bike Talk cohost Andrea Learned interviews Daniel Eppstein, Director of Operations at, on how the bicycle transform cities, and cities transform the world. With emphasis on the “Bicycle Mayors” program in the U.S. and what these amazing volunteer leaders are doing to forward this call.

  • Jeanie Ward Waller

    California’s Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is under new management. Deputy Director Jeannie Ward Waller, former CalBike  Policy Director, talks with her former boss, Calbike Executive Director Dave Snyder, about including biking and walking safety features in all their projects. With Streetsblog California Editor Melanie Curry and Bike Talk cohost Lindsay Sturman. Edited by Kevin Burton.

  • Protected Lanes 1

    Sunset 4 All is crowdfunding a protected bike lane design for Sunset Boulevard, with traffic engineer Rock Miller doing the design for free. talks with Jonathan Maus, who’s seen the evolution of Portland as a bike friendly city over the past two decades in his role as the editor and founder of Bike Portland. an…