Month: October 2021

  • Active Transportation Strategy and Windshield Bias

    Tafarai Bayne, Chief Strategist of CicLAvia, the Los Angeles open streets event, talks with Don, Lindsay, and Nick about bike Thomas, Texas bike lawyer, talks about the windshield bias of Texas police, in light of an incident where a teen “Coal-rolled” a group of cyclists, then crashed into them, but was not charged or…

  • Fear and Open Streets

    Lindsay Sturman unveils her theory about why NYC and Portland have plateaued at under 10% mode share for bikes despite the continuing addition of protected lanes, and Alex Devries, Ottowa cyclist, tells of the time he and his friends made an open street by parking one bike at each metered spot. Edited by Kevin Burton.

  • Mayor Helps on Bikes

    Andrea Learned talks with Mayor Helps of Victoria, B.C. about building political will and bike infrastructure, “complete streets plus,” and how Victoria’s City Council “just built it.”

  • Pending Active Transportation Legislation in California

    Warren Wells, Marin County Bicycle Coalition Policy & Planning Director, talks with cohost Lindsay Sturman about the bills on Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk: AB 43: Allow lower speed limits AB 122: Bikers treat stop signs as yields AB 773: Making slow streets permanent AB 1238: Repealing jaywalking laws Edited by Kevin Burton.

  • Laura Friedman

    California State Assembly Transportation Committee Chair Laura Friedman talks with Lindsay Sturman about her Traffic Safety bill, safe streets, speed, education, and more. Edited by Kevin Burton.