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  • Priorities

    Voices of CicLAvia.
    The law of riding in inclement weather, with Jim Pocrass.
    Heads of Active Transportation Organizations on their legislative Priorities: Kendra Ramsey, Executive Director of CalBike.
    José Antonio Zayas Cabán, Executive Director of Our Streets Minneapolis.
    Todd Scott, Executive Director of the Detroit Greenways Coalition.
    LA Times Letter Editor Paul Thornton on Biking in Los Angeles.…et-safety-opinion
    Bike Thought.
  • The Art of Advocacy

    Guest host: Caro Vilain @mobilityforwhom

    Listener Email: Robert Prinz, Advocacy Director, Bike East Bay

    Bike Lane myths

    Healthy Streets Los Angeles, on the ballot March 5, could transform car-centric streets. Michael Schneider, founder of the measure, on why it’s needed.

    California Professional Firefighters Union President Brian Rice is mad about a lot of things, all embodied by Healthy Streets Los Angeles and symbolized by the bicycle.

    Biking While Black documentary maker Yolanda Davis-Overstreet with Damon Turner, founder of Los Angeles Biking Academy and a subject of the film, on bike advocacy in their community.

    “V” on Chicagoans who Bike, a photo project about the wide variety of Chicagoans who bike.

    Bike Thought
  • In Vulnerability

    Chain maintenance with Anne Marie Drolet.
    Bike Law, with Jim Pocrass.
    New studies on increasing bike modeshare in the UK .
    The Vulnerable Road User Safety Act of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, with Michael Kelley, Policy Director, Bike Walk Kansas City.
    Community forms on the way to school in a walkable and bikeable Minneapolis neighborhood, according to Laura Mitchell, Board President of Our Streets Minneapolis.
    Bike Thought with Stacey Randecker.
  • Bike Grid Nation

    Taylor reviews SF’s controversial Valencia St. bike lane.
    A Winnipeg rider, Patty Wiens, responds to Taylor’s LA-centric comments about winter riding “on a trainer in the basement” back east.
    News on Metro Bike Share in LA and best romantic riding.
    Why Are American Drivers so Deadly? NY Times writer Matthew Shaer unpacks his article with Taylor.
    How we move forward to create sustainable cities with networks of protected bike lanes, or bike grids. With Gil Peñalosa, founder of 8-80 Cities.
    Stacey’s Bike Thought
  • Sharing is Caring

    A listener, Reese, speaks for connected, protected bike lanes in Utah.
    News: With pedestrian and cyclist deaths in Los Angeles at an 8-year high, the departing Los Angeles Police Chief blames reckless biking and walking habits. In California, SB 961 calls for all new cars to have speed governors. A Die-in against traffic violence at LA City Hall.
    When a 14 year old on his bike was hit by an uninsured motorist in Chicago, personal injury lawyer Jonel Metaj took the case all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court. Now, people in Illinois with uninsured motorist coverage will be protected when biking and walking, too.
    Alison Cohen is the founder of Bicycle Transit Systems, which operates bikeshare in cities throughout the US. She explains how BTS came to be threatened with replacement by Lyft in Los Angeles.
    A Bike Thought by Stacey.
  • If You Build It, They Will Ride

    Personal injury attorney Jim Pocrass on the laws regarding Cycling Under the Influence. 2:04

    News: A Los Angeles Die-in, more studies on the benefits of biking, and mandated Intelligent Speed Assistance in all new European cars. 8:45
    Jack Ketcham on Election Cycles- Tempe Bicycle Action Group’s rides and forums for candidates for political office in Tempe, Arizona. 12:02
    Listener email: what’s best for bikeshare. 18:35
    The story of Paris’ bike transformation by Secrets of Paris writer Heather Stimmler. 21:55

    The limitations of community participation in planning for bike lanes with Miriam Pinski, PhD, Transportation Researcher with Shared-Use Mobility Center of UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. 38:07

    Bike Thought. 56:20
  • To the Barricades!

    Why American Drivers are so deadly, according to the NY Times. 5:20

    How LA’s Transportation Agency, LA Metro, wants to give its successful bikeshare program to the rideshare company Lyft. 11:19

    StreetsblogLA editor Joe Linton and Alexa Sledge, Communications Director for Transportation Alternatives in NYC, talk about last year in bikes in NYC and LA. 16:45

    Progressive traffic engineer Vignesh Swaminathan, known as “Mr. Barricade,” explains proper road design.

  • Our Fair Share

    Listener email with Travis of Milwaukee

    A proposed safe streets forum with the Mayor of Los Angeles, and the growing number of U.S. cities eliminating parking mandates.

    Taylor talks with author Valerie Bolling on her books for children: Ride, Roll, Run and Together We Ride.
    Available at-

    Author/rider Sara Dykman talks about her bike tour on the migration route of monarch butterflies and her book about it, Bicycling With Butterflies, with Julie Richert.
    Available at-

    Bike Whisperer Bjartmar Leósson talks with Taylor Nichols about making friends with bike thieves in Reykjavík.
  • Connecting the DOTs

    LADOT’s Senior Traffic Engineer Tim Fremaux on LA’s famous traffic and how he’d love to see a network of interconnected facilities on a grid that would let you make trips comfortably by bike (it’s the LA Mobility Plan). With Lindsay Sturman and Taylor Nichols.

    StreetsblogSF Editor Roger Rudick in conversation with Stacey Randecker on his commentary about how San Francisco “Fakes” its Vision Zero.…-to-vision-zero

    Cycling Embassy of Japan ambassadors James Szypula and Chad Feyen on how Tokyo’s bike friendliness depends on citizens rather than government.
  • Bike Ironies

    News: How the NYC Deliverista minimum wage may reduce bicyclist fatalities.
    The irony of drivers waiting patiently at Christmas Light Displays, with Associate Director of Data Core at Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences, Bella Chu.
    The irony of drivers waiting patiently at In-n-Out, with Peter Flax, journalist and former Editor in Chief of Bicycling Magazine. Image by Roscoe Flax.
    The irony of the High Cost of Free Parking with its author, Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Urban Planning at UCLA, Donald Shoup. With Don Ward (rebroadcast portion).