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  • Ride For Your Life

    Revolutionaries Jimmy Lizama, Meg Wachter, and AnneMarie Drolet at the Ride of Silence in Los Angeles.

    A Great Tree Ride for Bike Week in Northampton, Mass. with All Bodies on Bikes’ Jacob Sheppard-Saidel, All Out Adventures’ Karen Foster, and Friends of Northampton Trails’ Elana Huisman.

    Bike Touring in the U.S.A with Adventure Cycling Tours Operations Specialist Corbett Hall.

    Taking on California’s Active Transportation Program Cuts in Sacramento with Jeanine Ward-Waller, Director of Transportation Advocacy at Fearless Advocacy.

    A dawning awareness of deadly drivers in San Diego, with Brittany Bailey.

    Pasadena’s Bike Month, with Day One’s Colin Bogart, Active Transportation Director of Day One Pasadena, and Jonah Kanner of the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition.
  • Trail Angels

    Part time Bike/Bus only lanes are a suggestion not taken in Los Angeles, as shown in a video by Streets For All Founder Michael Schneider. Michael talks with Miriam Pinski, PhD, Transportation Researcher at Shared-Use Mobility Center, about why and what can be done.  

    Christina Uss, the author of “The Adventures of A Girl Called Bicycle,” “A Few Bicycles More,” “The Colossus of Roads,” and other children’s books spins tales and fills tires at an Easthampton, Massachusetts library. 

    Dwan Dandridge, CEO of Black Leaders Detroit, on his Ride For Equity

    Northampton’s Bike Week activities, as told to Pedal Person Ruthy Woodring at Pedal Lab in Northampton, Massachusetts, by Karl Ahrendsen. 

    Rafael Hernandez on Trash Panda’s Los Angeles Cycling Calendar’s events for Bike Month in Los Angeles. 

    NYC’s congestion pricing has set the stage for pedestrian and bike advocates’ dreams to become real, including an east-west protected bike path on 72nd street, protected paths on 3rd Avenue to East Harlem and Broadway to Union Square, and a pedestrian-safer Canal street. The plans are in a recent NYC Department Of Transportation Report, “Connecting To The Core,” and put in context here by Transportation Alternatives’ Communications Director Alexa Sledge.  

    Stacey’s Bike Thought

  • We Belong

    “America’s Bike Mayor” John Bauters, former Mayor of Emeryville, California, weighs in on whether a bad bike lane is better than none, designing a city for bikes, and running (as a cyclist) for Alameda County Supervisor.

    Sports journalist Joe Lindsey breaks down the beauty of bike racing and explains why this season’s Grand Tours may be the most exciting in years. 

    Jacob Sheppard-Saidel’s “Bike Commuting 101” workshop as part of Bike Month in Northampton, Massachusetts aims to increase access to biking. With a comment by Howard Moore on his conversion to bike commuting, on a dare.

    Stacey’s Bike Thought

  • Handlebar Bias

    Roberto’s Boston Rideout.

    What anti cyclist harassment ordinances can do for you, according to bike lawyer Jim Pocrass. 

    Streets For All Founder Michael Schneider addresses a radio rant about his win for Healthy Streets in Los Angeles.

    How to turn a bike ride into a workout, by Amanda Loudin

    Bike Month in the Bay Area and a call to save the bike path on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge with Bike East Bay Advocacy Director Robert Prinz. 

    Stacey’s Bike Thought
  • Motonormativity

    A wheelbuilding chat.

    An interview from the California Bike Summit with Kendra Ramsey, California Bicycle Coalition Executive Director.

    Vehicular Cyclist and League Certified Instructor Jim Baross on learning to ride like a vehicle when safe infrastructure doesn’t exist.

    Emma Mellonee of the Active Transportation Research Center on what they’re doing for bikes in California. 

    Laura’s Colnago.

    A discussion of the harrassment of cyclists by drivers and “motonormativity” research sparked by a social media helmet cam video. With Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher, University of Toronto Data Sciences Institute postdoc and Bike Ottawa board member. 

    A London Cycling Campaign survey asks, “why don’t more women cycle?” Kate Bartlett of the London Cycling Campaign, which did the survey, talks with Taylor Nichols and Cathy Tuttle, Bike Loud PDX activist and author of Women Really Need to Talk About Taking Back Our Streets in Portland and Beyond in Momentum Magazine. 

    Frequent Bike Talk contributor and President of Motown TrailBlazerz bike club in Detroit Reo Ramsey joins Todd Scott, Executive Director of the Detroit Greenways Coalition, to talk about the rides they’re planning for Bike Month. 

    Stacey’s Bike Thought
  • Trailblaze

    Reimagining streets on Willoughby in West Hollywood California and W. 72nd on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, with PhD Transportation Researcher Miriam Pinski and Carl Mahaney, Director of StreetopiaUWS.

    Listener Email: Dan Murphy on hi-viz clothing: a low cost safety measure, or victim blaming?

    The Great American Rail Trail, the nation’s first cross-country multiuse trail, will stretch more than 3,700 miles between Washington, D.C., and Washington State. Powell County, Montana Planning Director Amanda Cooley and Kevin Belle, Project Manager at Rails to Trails Conservancy, tell Taylor Nichols all about it.

    Re:ciclos is a program which aims to create wider access to cargo bicycle technology and empowerment of youth in black and brown communities by exposure to fabrication, mechanics, advocacy, outreach, and community. Re:ciclos founder Jimmy Lizama talks with Ava Maria.

    Stacey’s Bike Thought
  • Bikes Mean Business

    Legal Moment: Can companies be held liable when employees crash while phone-multitasking? With attorney Jim Pocrass.

    Skaters Who Bike in Phoenix are expanding to other cities and towns. With Tim Ward.

    A comprehensive look at years of research about the effect of bike lanes on businesses with journalist Adam Rogers, writer of Bike Lanes Are Good for Business

    Journalist Alison Griswold and Anne Marie Drolet talk on Lyft’s thwarted attempt to take over Metro Los Angeles’ bike share system, and Why Lyft is Running From Bicycles.

    Bike Thought by Stacey.
  • Leading the Way

    Listener email: an endorsement for Charles Marohn’s “empathy for the driver,” D.C. bike infrastructure, and an inquiry about our theme song, “Bike.”

    The entire state of California and the individual cities of Oakland, Berkeley, and Los Angeles have proposed or passed measures which implement bike plans when repaving roads. With Bike East Bay Advocacy Director Robert Printz.

    California isn’t the only leader in bike friendly legislation; heads of bike and safe streets organizations in New York City, Minneapolis, Detroit, Massachusetts, and Paris share their success stories.

    ValleyBike, Massachusetts’ 2nd largest bikeshare, went bankrupt. Carolyn Misch, Sustainability Director of the city of Northampton, MA., talks about the lesson therein, and how bikeshare can be sustainable.

    Union-busting, bikeshare-dropping Lyft’s bid to replace the current Los Angeles bikeshare vendor, Bicycle Transit Systems, failed. Anne Marie Drolet, Chief Shop Steward of LA Metro Bikeshare, gives some context.

    Listener email: can companies be sued for letting employees do virtual meetings or read work docs while driving?

    Traffic by Don.

    Bike Thought by Stacey.
  • Live to Ride

    The Access to Hollywood program will add protected bike and bus lanes and cause “traffic evaporation” on LA’s Hollywood Boulevard. Taylor Nichols with LA City Council District 4 Field Deputy Mehmet Berker.

    Personal injury lawyer Jim Pocrass explains the legal grounds for taking the lane.

    Live To Ride: Finding Joy and Meaning on a Bicycle, the book. With author and journalist Peter Flax.

    Northern Virginia Opens New “66-Parallel” Bike And Walking Trail. With Fairfax Alliance for Better Biking founder Bruce Wright.

    Bike thought by Stacey.
  • Bikes, the Universe, and Everything

    Listener Email: Jonathan Weiss on how much harder it is to get a driver’s license in Europe than in the U.S., and why that endangers all of us.

    The Rockbros Smart Turn Signal review by Reo Ramsey of Motown Trailblazers in Detroit.

    Listener Email: Jonathan Levin on how shaming drivers causes intransigence.

    Recovering Engineer and Strong Towns founder Charles Marohn on gaining local control over streets to make them safer for everybody, and, to that end, refraining from shaming drivers as in this tweet.
    With Stacey Randecker.

    2 new anthologies of Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction from Bikenomics author Elly Blue and Microcosm Publishing: Bikes, the Universe, and Everything and The Bicyclists’ Guide to the Galaxy

    A Bike Life Rideout in Springfield, Massachusetts.

    Bike Thought by Stacey.