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  • Safe Passage Zealots

    Fox News supports speeding.

    The legality of riding on the sidewalk with Jim Pocrass, personal injury attorney.

    A bike lane ripped out for unproven EV charging technology on a Michigan street, no community input required. With Detroit Greenways Coalition Todd Scott and Stacey Randecker.

    Cycling fallacies debunked with Tim Lennon, Secretary for the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain.

    A repost of an interview with the author of “Two Wheels Good: The History and Mystery of the Bicycle,” Jody Rosen.
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  • Bike Love

    What to do in a bike crash, with LA Personal Injury Attorney Jim Pocrass.

    Livable Communities: bikes, transit, and housing. Liveable Communities Initiative founder Lindsay Sturman and Taylor Nichols.

    “Hating Bike Lanes is not a Winning Strategy,” writes Massachusetts Streetsblogger Christian MilNeil of fall elections in Massachusetts.…toral-strategy.
  • Making Spaces

    Shabazz Stuart, CEO of Oonee, on making bike storage ubiquitous and free. Also, how the ebike registration bill being pushed by members of the NYC Council will cause racial profiling and disincentivize biking.

    The Massachusetts Central Rail Trail was the focus of this year’s Golden Spike Conference. Conference organizer Craig De La Penna recreates a breakout session on how to get leaders to recognize the worth of a 104 mile bike/pedestrian trail across Massachusetts. With Norwottuck Network board members Glenn Pransky and Sharline Abulime, and Friends of Northampton Trails President George Kohout.

    The Northampton Cyclocross race split with UCI over the world cycling body’s transgender policy, but it’s still a great event. Interviews with young riders as well as Tom Hoogendyk and Adam Myerson.
  • Xings

    Cohosts Taylor, Nick and Lindsay discuss a study that finds bicyclists are better people than drivers.…drivers-1850964103

    Sounds from Arroyo Fest, in which the 110 Freeway was closed to cars for a day.

    Ongoing negotiations with Vancouver’s anti-bike lane City Council, and the false equivalency of distracted driving with distracted walking, with Lucy Maloney.

    A Chicago Critical Mass reportback from the creator of “Captain Jack Sharrow,” Rick Rosales.

    Taylor interviews Ben Goldfarb on his book “Crossings-How Road Ecology is Shaping the Future of Our Planet.”

    Can you take the sidewalk when your bike lane is blocked? A Northampton rider asks, and City Council Vice President Karen Foster answers.

    A bike thought from Stacey.
  • Speed

    Malibu’s deadly main road, Pacific Coast Highway (“PCH”), needs an overhaul. Damian Kevitt, Founder of Streets Are For Everyone, makes the case.

    California’s new speed camera legislation explained by David Sforza, Principal Consultant of the California State Assembly Transportation Committee. 

    US pedestrian deaths are soaring. Is it time to ban right turns on red lights? US Guardian writer Matthew Cantor, with Taylor Nichols.

    How to educate drivers about distracted Driving. With Emily Stein, Executive Director of Safe Roads Alliance.

    A human crosswalk in front of Dodger Stadium, with Anne Marie Drolet, Tactical Urbanist.

    Bicyclist and City Manager for San Luis Obispo Derek Johnson, with Lindsay Sturman.
  • Centered

    On Bike Advocacy with Detroit Greenways Coalition Executive Director Todd Scott, Santa Monica Spoke Director Cynthia Rose, and cohosts Nick, Lindsay, Taylor, and Seamus.

    Michael Schneider on Healthy Streets Los Angeles, converting a freeway to a park, and how Streets For All advocates for bike friendly politicians.

    On the study showing women have lower rates of cancer in walkable (bikeable) neighborhoods with Guardian US writer Aliya Uteuova and Taylor Nichols.

    San Francisco MTA Director of Sustainable Streets Tom Maguire on the controversial center-running bike lane on Valencia Street. With Seamus Garrity.
  • Perfect and Good

    Fight the Power: NYC’s Transportation Alternatives tries to build safe streets infrastructure despite a hostile Mayoral administration. With Alexa Sledge.

    Staying the Course: SF bike activists Robin Pam, Amandeep Jawa, and Sara Barz still support a center-running bike lane on Valencia Street in San Francisco.

    Not So Fast: Stacey Randecker and Luke Bornheimer reprise their perspective on Valencia Street’s center-running bike lane.

    Trails Friend: Friends of the Northampton Trails President George Kohout reports from Northampton, Massachusetts, where bike advocacy has local government on its side.

    Critical Mass: too annoying to drivers, or just right? With Patty Wiens.

    Honored: Eli Akira-Kaufman, Executive Director of Bike LA, describes the importance and fun of Bike Fest, California Assemblymember and candidate for the U.S. Congress Laura Friedman relays her transportation priorities, and Terence Heuston relates the long road to upgrading bike lanes on iconic Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.
  • Leaders

    Intro: Bike LA’s “Bike Fest” with Eli Akira Kaufman, Executive Director of BikeLA.
    Not Good Enough: a deadly bike lane design in SF, with Sustainable Transportation activists Luke Bornheimer and Stacey Randecker.

    It works if you work it: a center running bike lane that works in the East Bay, with Bike East Bay Advocacy Director Robert Prinz.

    She is the champion: multimodal, sustainable transportation advocate & Mayor of bike-friendly Santa Monica, Gleam Davis.

    Ebike Rx: Northampton, Massachusetts P.E. teacher Salem Derby talks to students about how he’s healing from a knee injury using an Ebike.
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  • Happy Trails

    Lindsay, Taylor and Nick on the upcoming show and Taylor’s triumphant return from bike-friendly Spain.

    Carrying Water: Eric Berger’s article on the American Sepp Kuss’ victory in the Vuelta a España.…ce-on-the-planet/

    The Best Get Better: The end of Parking Mandates in New York City with Open Plans NYC Co-Executive Director Sara Lind.

    Imminent: A 104 mile car free fully protected network of converted rail trails across Massachusetts, from Boston to Northampton. With rail trail warrior Craig Della Penna.
  • Make Way For Bikes

    Pilgrimage: Taylor Nichols’ walk on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

    Park It: Landscape Studies professor Reid Bertone Johnson created a playground for a day in a parking space for international parking day.

    Exercised: An interview with Andrew Leonard, the author of The NY Times Article “How I Turned My Errands Into Exercise.”

    Oregon Advocate: Jenna Berman, an Active Transportation Liaison for the Oregon Department of Transportation, on the state of bicycle advocacy in Oregon.

    Science: Dr. Grace Peng, a Bike activist/physicist, on why we should bike more, drive less (and more slowly).
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