Best of Bike Talk

Some Early Shows

Adventure Cycling’s Greg Siple Award Winners Mary, Briana, and Ana

Alissa Walker: Transportation, climate policy, bus stops, energy, bikes-122819

Andy’s Law: Hit and Run Sentencing

Anna Martin, LA Brakeless Owner, on Venice Blvd Great Streets Meeting

Art Ramirez, Bike Maker

Bay Area Active Transportation Politics and Los Angeles Environmental Equity; John Bauters, Christine Mills 011020

Bicycle Tree: Paul

The Bike Friendly Workplace of DLR Architects in Los Angeles

Bike Index Bike Registry with Brian Hance

“Bike Rebels,” a Caltrans Photo Exhibit by Carolin Kewer

#Bikes4Climate, with Andrea Learned and Lindsay Sturman

Blackstone Bicycle Works’ DJ Fish

Bike Kitchen Cook Molly, Jim Sayer of Adventure Cycling, Jim Cadenhead-August 21, 2010

Bike Kitchen Cooks Take Over Bike Talk: August 7, 2010

Bike Kitchen Cooks Chilling in July 2010

Bike Ticket Diverstion Classes With Kellie Morris, Jose Jimenez, and Jack Bauer

Carlos Morales of the M.A.M.I.L. Movie

Carlos Morales, Don Ward, Damian Kevitt, Barbara Linder, and Scott Froschauer on Creative Bike Advocacy

Chief Lunes’ Woon Memorial Ride with Edin

Calbike Summit Transportation Directors Plenary Moderated by Tamika Butler

California Bike Summit and The Climate Jam Project

Chicken Leather and TJ Flexer

Chris Carlsson on Critical Mass and Nowtopia with Joe Linton, Steve Bowers, Larry Hoffman, and Alesa Bowers


CicLAvia 6/11/17: Glendale Meets Atwater

Clifford and Lois: Homeless Bikes

Colin Bogart’s Call to Action for LACBC

Critical Mass Police Violence Victim Manuel Gallegos, with Bike Kitchen Cook Molly and Chickenleather

Cuba Bike Tours by Robert Michelson with Jennifer Gill

Culver City Ciclavia Afterparty 3/26/17, and Art Crash

Dads on Bikes with Stephen Box and Ross Hirsch

David Galt’s Data

David Goldberg on Seattle’s Complete Streets with Don Ward, Jennifer Gill, and Claude Eshaghian

Defending Road Calming at an Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Meeting

Department of DIY and the 2020 CD 14 Election with Matt Ruscigno and Cyndi Otteson

Don Ward and Charlie Gandy

Don Ward on Everything Now

DTM Bike Club at Obama

Don Ward Debates Alexis Edelstein on his campaign to recall Councilmember Mike Bonin over a bike lane

Dutch Cycling; Rotterdam Business School’s Annual Field Trip to LA with Professor Louis Uljee

Dutch Cycling; Rotterdam Business School’s Annual Field Trip to LA with Professor Louis Uljee, #2

Dutch Cycling; Rotterdam Business School’s Annual Field Trip to LA with Professor Louis Uljee, #3

E-Bikes Voucher SB 400 with Senator Umberg and Linda Khamoushian

Echo Park Improvement Association Town Hall on Bikes

Eli Kaufman, LACBC

End of the Passage of a Few People Through a Brief Moment in Time ride with Nathan and Sean

Eric Garcetti, CD 13 Councilperson

EVs, with: Lloyd Alter, Melanie Curry, Ethan Elkind, Matthew Klippenstein, Matthew Lewis, Nicole Murray, Grace Peng, Sandy James, Captain Proton, Harv Voven

Figueroa 4 All Meeting at Franklin High School With Gil Cedillo

First LA CicLAvia 10/10/10

Fredrik’s Ride Around the World, with Juliana Woodruff

Foro Mundial de la Bicicleta

The Future of Bike Advocacy–Stephen Box

Gordon Padelford on Seattle Greenways

Gravel Bikes and Bicycle Driving with John Shubert, Zach Rynew

Great Streets $2,000,000 Challenge with Claire Bowin, Jennifer Gill

Handlebar Bike Tours

Heidi Zeller, Adriane Hoff, Zachary Rynew, John Jones

Hollywood Bike Ambassador Alexander Totz #1

Hollywood Bike Ambassador Alexander Totz #2

Jesse Creed for CD5 and Streetsblog’s Streetsie Awards

Jesi Harris, Elly Blue, Michael Fishman

Jimmy Lizama Installs a Christmas Dynamo Hub

John Jones, Yolanda Overstreet, and Student Authors with Stephen Box

Josef Bray-Ali’s CD1 Runoff/Birthday Party with Rory Montenegro, Jesse Creed, and Michael Atkins

Juli Briskman’s Middle Finger to D Trump

Keep LA Moving’s John Russo and Karla Mendelson, with Alexander Totz

Keith Martin Supports Councilmember Mike Bonin in Face of Recall Campaign Over a Bike Lane

Kellie Morris, Tana Ball, and Jim Shanman on Bicycle Safety Education

Kellie J Morris, Jim Baross Jr, Bernard Green, and Dave Morris on Safe Cycling

LACBC State of Advocacy Report at Calbike Summit 2019

LACBC, Peter, Coolass Mike, Matthew-Santa Monica Critical Mass, Thomas-Venice Cruisers, Treats & Beats, Carlos-East Side Bike Club, November 27, 2010

LA Neighborhood Council Coalition’s Motion to Slow Traffic Calming

LA Street Summit 2010 with LA Streetsbog Editor Damien Newton, plus Janette Sadik-Khan,Earl Blumenauer, and East Hollywood Neighborhood Council President David Bell

League Certified Instructor Training with Rio Oxas and Edgar Arellano

Loraine Lundquist For LA CD 12 and Linda Khamoushian on Complete Streets

Loraine Lundquist and Don Ward with Stephen Box

Lydia Rogue, Microcosm Publishing

Lucas Schroeder with Stephen Box, Bike Advocacy for Beginners Part IV

Lucas Schroeder with Stephen Box, Bike Advocacy for Beginners Part III

Lucas Schroeder with Stephen Box, Bike Advocacy for Beginners Part II

Lucas Schroeder with Stephen Box, Bike Advocacy for Beginners Part I

Mark Cramer, Old Man on a Green Bike

Mar Vista Neighborhood Council Meeting on a Venice Great Street Motion

Marshall Taylor’s Birthday with Kevin Evans, Jackie Jones, Nelson Vails, and Lula Carter

Meghan Sahli-Wells, Culver City Mayor

Metro Best Class with Dorothy Wong, Nathalie Winiarski, Tafari Bayne, and Kevin Burton

Michael Schneider: a Transportation Progressive

Mom Power with Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells and Motherload, the Movie

Morro Bay: Bike Friendly

Mountain Biking with Steve Messer, Shamane Morejon, Alex Fore, Nona Varnado

Neighborhood Councils, Grassroots Activism, and Local Power

Obama Middle School Bike Club

Orange 20 Owner TJ Flexer, Jim Cadenhead, Kevin Burton, Ciclovia Interviews

Ovarian Pscos Chela and Xoila with Nathan Lucero of East Area Progressive Democrats

Oscar Sanchez, Amigos Del Bosque Rider

Peddler’s Creamery Closes; Edward Belden

Pedal Strike Live

Pedestrianizing Hollywood Blvd

Peter Flax, Bicycle Journalist

Peter Flax on Calbike V. KLAM Summits; Joni Yung

Ride of Silence

“Rollers,” A.K.A. Stephen Roullier, on the Biking Lifestyle

Rowena’s Road Diet: Scott Gamzon and Terence Heuston

Sunset 4 All and Have A Go

Sarah Kate Levy For CD 4

Scott Epstein with Steven Box on Neighborhood Councils, Grassroots Activism, and Local Power

Selena Inouye, leader of anti-road calming Restore Venice; with Don Ward, Part I

Selena Inouye, leader of anti-road calming Restore Venice; with Don Ward, Part II

Severin Martinez, Dorothy Wong, Claude Eshaghian

Sharrows, Law, and Advocacy with Molly, Howard, Jeffrey, Stephen Box, Dale Benson, and Matt

Steve Messer of Concerned Off Road Bicycling Association

Streetsblog 2020 Year In Review with Joe Linton and Melanie Curry

Talking Bike Activism with Mexico City: Jimmy Lizama, Aaron Salinger, Jenny Zapata, and Alejandra Leal

Tana Ball on her grant to put bikes in LAUSD PE programs; with Allison Kendall and Zachary Canning

Thursday, Frame Builder

USDOT Pete with Kea Wilson and Joni Yung

U-Turn on Magnolia with James Askew and Joni Yung

Venice Blvd Great Street–with Jim Shanman, Tia Tengue, Deborah Murphy, Tim Fremaux, and Dennis Hindman

Victor Boyce with Ciclavalley

The Vision Zero Alliance with Emilia Crotty and Nat Gale

Vision Zero and My Figueroa with Deborah Murphy, Tim Fremaux, David Somers, and Dennis Hindman.

Vision Zero with Nat Gale, Severin Martinez, Dave Snyder, and Dennis Hindman

Walk Oakland Bike Oakland and Matthew Mooney on Traffic Violence

Walk Bike Glendale’s Verdugo Wash Lane and Tour de Staten Island

War On Cars’ Sarah Goodyear

What Happened to LA Bike Advocacy, with Stephen Box

What is a Complete Street? With Nathan Lucero and Jennifer Gill of the LA Bicycle Advisory Committee

William Volk, Bike Futurist

World Access for the Blind with Brian Bushway, Introducing Roadblock-with LACBC President Aurisha and Patrick at 40:22

Zachary Rynew, Don Ward, and Joshua Cohen on Lebron in LA, Bike Insurance, and the Velodrome