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    Transcript: bit.ly/3yWgK1V Intro: Seamus, Lindsay, Nick and Taylor 1:06Burbank Does Bike: Councilmember Nikki Perez, who ran a progressive urbanist campaign and received more votes than any CM in Burbank’s history, on engaging communities in active transportation – with Seamus Garrity. 13:59Taking the Lane: The anti-bike lane drivists of Pittsfield, Massachusetts want to rip the protected…

  • Parallel_politics

    STARTOur Champions: an Assemblymember from urban Los Angeles and a Representative of a primarily small-town Massachusetts district are fighting for safe streets and biking in similar ways. California’s 43rd Assemblymember and Transportation Committee Chair Laura Friedman wrote the revolutionary legislation that ended parking minimums near transit in the state of Califlornia. If that weren’t enough,…

  • Were on a Roll

    STARTStay Car Free: San Francisco will vote on whether to keep JFK Drive car free November 8th. Stacey Randecker interviews Prop J organizer Zachary Lipton.sf.streetsblog.org/2022/08/30/save…-n-and-no-on-i/ 2:05In Closing: Los Angeles Councilmember Mike Bonin has been a friend to Los Angeles bikes and pedestrians. Bonin fought two recall efforts, one of which was over traffic calming he…

  • The Future Is Here

    STARTNo Free Parking: California reverses its policy on parking minimums, and parking reformer Tony Jordan is celebrating with Lindsay Sturman.parkingreform.org/los-angeles-party/ 11:25 on.soundcloud.com/Be13kFail to Plan, Plan to Fail: California Senator Anthony Portantino’s newly signed “Plan For The Future” law requires cities and counties to include bicycle and pedestrian plans, multimodal networks, and traffic calming for any urbanized…