The Future Is Here

No Free Parking: California reverses its policy on parking minimums, and parking reformer Tony Jordan is celebrating with Lindsay Sturman.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail: California Senator Anthony Portantino’s newly signed “Plan For The Future” law requires cities and counties to include bicycle and pedestrian plans, multimodal networks, and traffic calming for any urbanized area. Senator Portantino talks about how his views – and weight – changed since he took up biking, with Tunette Porter.

Networking: Andy Boenau’s tweet pointed out there’s no push for bicycle infrastructure like there is for a national EV charging network. It went viral, with over 19,000 likes. Andy describes some of the reactions as scripted, “Non Player Character” types of responses. He explains which “NPCs” he engaged, and why.…v-65IFPVnA9g1UO2NZw

Electrifying: Ruthy Woodring, co-founder of Pedal People (a worker-owned human-powered delivery and hauling service in Northampton, Massachusetts) on whether the People will start using EVs to haul trash.

Editing by Kevin Burton.
Closing Song, “Bike,” by Mal Webb.
Interstitial music, “Just Moving,” by Don Ward.
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