Bike Los Angeles and Biketwitter

Los Angeles Council District 4 Councilmember Nithya Raman and her Field Deputy Mehmet Berker on how they’re doing more for bikes than the rest of LA City Council (according to Streets For All).
-with Lindsay Sturman, cohost.

@ 19:55:

@EmFriedenberg, @esoxeneco, and @JCRiecke on their viral tweets:…90UQ-IPK43EvcWhXXDQ,…90UQ-IPK43EvcWhXXDQ, and…90UQ-IPK43EvcWhXXDQ


LA Times editorial writer Kerry Kavanaugh on her Healthy Streets LA article about the ballot measure to force the city to implement its own mobility plan:…d-make-it-binding
-with cohost Don Ward.

Edited by Kevin Burton.