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  • Transportation Futurist

    Robin Chase, Executive Chairwoman of New Urban Mobility and founder of Zipcar, among other roles, talks about the future of bikes with Bike Talk co-host Andrea Learned.

  • Estonia Los Angeles Arlington

    The Estonian ambassador to The Netherlands rides a bike as his official diplomatic vehicle. Lauri Kuusing talks about that and the impact of the Ukraine situation with Lindsay Sturman. twitter.com/LKuusing/status/149…x54MFY4j5QNGqysP3HQ @12:34: Eli Akira Kaufman, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition, talks to Taylor Nichols about the Healthy Streets LA initiative, which “provided a…

  • Bike Los Angeles and Biketwitter

    Los Angeles Council District 4 Councilmember Nithya Raman and her Field Deputy Mehmet Berker on how they’re doing more for bikes than the rest of LA City Council (according to Streets For All). Read: la.streetsblog.org/2022/01/24/coun…infrastructure/ -with Lindsay Sturman, cohost. @ 19:55: @EmFriedenberg, @esoxeneco, and @JCRiecke on their viral tweets: twitter.com/EmFriedenberg/statu…90UQ-IPK43EvcWhXXDQ, twitter.com/esoxeneco/status/14…90UQ-IPK43EvcWhXXDQ, and twitter.com/JCRiecke/status/148…90UQ-IPK43EvcWhXXDQ @40:00: LA…