Estonia Los Angeles Arlington

The Estonian ambassador to The Netherlands rides a bike as his official diplomatic vehicle. Lauri Kuusing talks about that and the impact of the Ukraine situation with Lindsay Sturman.…x54MFY4j5QNGqysP3HQ


Eli Akira Kaufman, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition, talks to Taylor Nichols about the Healthy Streets LA initiative, which “provided a vision of what the city could be like if we provided people-centered infrastructure,” their “Sunset For All” campaign, and developing a “street advocacy playbook and training academy.”


Petru Sofio, a Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition intern, was a traffic and bike lane prodigy, drawing maps of his neighborhood streetlights as a child. Executive Director of MassBike Galen Mook enlisted Petru in the campaign for a safer Arlington, Mass. intersection. Petru talks with Galen.

Edited by Kevin Burton