Let Freedom Ride

Let Freedom Ride
Anne Marie’s bike packing trip to Point Mugu State Park. 

The inexplicable bike hate of James Clarke in Glendale, California balanced by defenders of mode choice and street safety, Glendale Councilmember Dan Brotman and California Assemblyperson Laura Friedman

Upcoming group rides in Detroit with guest Reo Ramsey, President of Detroit’s Motown Trailblazerz ride.  

The Grand Fundo in Western Massachusetts and The All City Co-op Ride in Los Angeles

Anne Marie’s audio from LA’s recent Critical Mass, with etymology of the name.

A Complete Streets Bill, SB 960, passed the California Assembly that would use highway money to facilitate biking and walking as choices along with driving in California. California Bike Coalition Policy Director Jared Sanchez gives the timelines and details of the bill. 

Biniam Girmay became the first Black African rider and first Black cyclist from any continent to win a Tour de France stage.

John St. Angelo writes us an email about his 1,1750 mile ride from Kansas City To Bristol, RI for his 60th high school reunion

A bike lane sweeper has been invented by Pierre Lermant that hooks up like a bike trailer to clear debris from bike lanes.

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