Nithya 1

Nithya Raman won her campaign for Los Angeles CD4 November 3, against an incumbent who stalled or opposed safe streets projects. Raman’s being called “LA’s first totally unbought elected official.”

Then, (34:00) Friends of Griffith Park don’t let arial trams in the park, according to Gerry Hans.…-park-board/

Felicia Garcia (1:08:20) of Equitable Eagle Rock calls for Metro to give alternatives to ripping out buffered bike lanes and other distasteful options for its Noho-Pasadena Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project. Also, to listen to actual bus riders instead of the nimby’s who’ve responded to Metro’s outreach.

And lastly, This American Bike correspondent Lindsay Sturman interviews Car Dependency Campaigner and Adult Beginner Bike Rider Sarah Berry (1:18:54)on how the UK is hoping to start the “Cycle Revolution.”