Happy Trails

Lindsay, Taylor and Nick on the upcoming show and Taylor’s triumphant return from bike-friendly Spain.

Carrying Water: Eric Berger’s article on the American Sepp Kuss’ victory in the Vuelta a España. arstechnica.com/culture/2023/09/a…ce-on-the-planet/
10:15 on.soundcloud.com/4T4bd

The Best Get Better: The end of Parking Mandates in New York City with Open Plans NYC Co-Executive Director Sara Lind.
26:40 on.soundcloud.com/6CoLb

Imminent: A 104 mile car free fully protected network of converted rail trails across Massachusetts, from Boston to Northampton. With rail trail warrior Craig Della Penna.
37:50 on.soundcloud.com/yrMCf