Safe Streets in Western Mass San Diego and Online

Northampton, Massachusetts residents are organizing in the wake of Charlie Braun’s car killing. George Kahout, President of Friends of Northampton Trails, and Elena Huisman, with Main Street For Everyone, talk to Galen Mook, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Bike…harged-43390653Then, @ 27:00,Laura Keenan, whose husband, Matt, was killed by a distracted driver in September, has been advocating for immediate improvements to bike infrastructure using “quick builds.” Laura has some thoughts about the protected bike lane debates she’s been seeing.Laura talks with “Grandma” Beverly Shelton of Southern California Families for Safe Streets, whose course as a safe streets advocate was set when her grandson, Zachary, was killed by a negligent driver in……rotect-pedestrians@ 45:00, Eso Eco of San Francisco interviews Ben Fryman of Portland and Halima Maadow of Maryland on loony bikelash and bike