Traffic Studies with Andy Singer

Sophie Maerowitz on the Loisaida Open Streets Community Coalition she co-founded and the resistance to a protected bike lane on Ave. C in NYC
5:30 Joe Linton and Felicia Garcia on the Beautiful Boulevard they’re trying to get Metro to adopt as it puts a Bus Rapid Transit line in Eagle Rock, in the face of NIMBY (not in my backyard) opposition.
15:55 cartoonist and Why We Drive author Andy Singer on the NYC, LA, and Twin Cities “block by block battles” of bike and safe streets advocates, and why they’re symptoms of the problem of road funding in the US.
1:03:45 Joe comes back for more debate with Don about whether to work with NIMBYs.
1:06:45 Lindsay Sturman interviews John Stout, author of the new report, “Transform Transportation,” which identifies the harmful health and environmental impacts of California’s car-centric transportation system and gives recommendations for a healthier, more sustainable sector.