Active Transportation Program in Effect

On 4/20, the Beverly Hills City Council unanimously voted to adopt complete streets after years of advocacy by Mark Elliot and his allies. Mark talks about this Murphy, Urban Design Planning Principal Active Transportation Planner/Designer and Grant Coordinator, Los Angeles Walks Founderand Hilary Norton, chair of the California Transportation Commission and Executive Director of FASTLinkDTLA, a Transportation Management Organization (TMO) for Downtown Los Angeles-consult with Mark on his recent experience in Beverly Hills.Hilary, Deborah, and veteran rida Don Ward go on to talk about Deborah’s amazing success with facilitating the award of over $278 million in grant funds for active transportation, new parks/open space and sustainable cities projects in the past 13 years. It’s why Deborah is affectionately known as the Oprah of the safe streets movement.Deborah and Hilary focus in particular on the record breaking $31 million ATP grant for “Connecting Canoga Park” which Deborah worked on and the CTC approved. It was the largest monetary award in the ATP’s…tions-released/Hilary and Deborah also talk about the CTC’s request for $2 billion in Active Transportation…or-website-a11y.pdf