Yolanda Lena and Dr Christopher West

Yolanda Davis-Overstreet (Moderator) and Lena Williams (guest co-host) have a conversation with Dr. Christopher West, a recognized historian on the “Green Book.” The brainchild of postman Victor Green and first published in 1936, it was called alternately The Negro Motorist Green Book, The Negro Travelers’ Green Book, and The Travelers’ Green Book over its 30-year existence. This publication offered information for Black families traveling in racially segregated Jim Crow.
This conversation taps into the history of this historical social justice approach that played a vital role in creating safe travels and movement in outdoor spaces for Black Lives, as well as makes the connection on how the need for mobility justice and safety still exist at this time. A conversation that dives into the intersection of Black Lives driving, bicycling, walking, standing, sitting, and breathing – while outdoors in movement.
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Transition music by Don Ward