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A tweetstorm on whether electric vehicles are the solution moving forward crystallized into this talk, with Nick, Don, Lindsay and:
Lloyd Alter, Design editor at, contributor to Guardian, Azure
Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California editor:
Ethan Elkind, Director of the Climate Change and Business Program at UC Berkeley/UCLA Schools of Law:
Matthew Klippenstein, Clean Tech Engineer:
Matthew Lewis, Director of Communications, California Yimby:
Nicole Murray, Ecosocialist attacking the white supremacist, capitalist institutions that beget mobility injustice, traffic violence, & climate change:
Grace Peng, scientist and Natural Resources Chair for League of Women Voters LA County & Beach Cities:
Sandy James Planner, City planner, Price Tags editor, Managing Director Walk Metro Vancouver:
Captain Proton, Author specializing in transportation emissions:
Harv Voven, Co-founder of the Los Angeles Bike Oven collective, Consulting Engineer with California Water and Power, and 82 year old life long cyclist: