Connecting Communities with Bikes

Don Ward & Nick Richert interview Jimmy Lizama, Founder of LA’s seminal Bike Kitchen.

Jimmy is the owner and head mechanic of Relámpago Wheelery, a bike shop across the street from his LA Ecovillage home. Jimmy touches on the kinds of connections to community that his work with bikes has been about, and shares his thoughts on a recent LA Times article which views DTLA through the lens of his role as messenger/owner of Don’t Shoot The Bicycle Messenger:…covid-19-pandemic

Yolanda Davis-Overstreet interviews World Bicycle Relief’s M&E Director Alisha Myers in this segment of her ‘We The People: Black Lives Roll ‘En’ series. Alisha discusses how she made a life and found a global community with bikes (29:25).

Don and Nick interview the Chair of the Santa Clarita Valley Bicycle Coalition, Nina Moskol, who gives us a little history and shares routes for navigating her city by bike. Nina is currently working on LA County Bicycle Coalition’s ‘Bike Match,’ which matches donated bikes with people who need them:…-match-nina-moskol/ (1:00:00)