Cycling Legend on a Cycling Legend and Las Slow Streets Motions Catalyze Its Neighborhood Councils

Bicycle Driving (don’t call it Vehicular Cycling) legend John Allen pays his respects to the “Father of Vehicular Cycling,” late John Forester (10/7/29 – 4/14/20)

Next, LA Neighborhood Councilmembers Hannah Globus, Scott Gamzon, Adriane Hoff, and Eric DeSobe discuss the remarkable slow streets motions brought and passed in most of their councils since Streets For All asked the City of LA to “authorize the pilot of an emergency people street network – using cones or other temporary infrastructure – to create additional sidewalk and open space for people to walk, run, scoot, and bike in, while maintaining 6’ of distancing.”

How to apply for a slow street in your neighborhood?…uq_UKwPqFv1oJlME

Report unsafe driving on slow streets at