08/18/12 Bike Talk

Safe Routes to School on Bike Talk

Bike Talk podcast We look at Glendale’s RD White Elementary School – a Safe Routes success story – and talk about how to identify opportunities for safer travel to school, and review demonstrable local achievements that have flowed in this community from the leadership of everyday folks with little money to mount a big campaign.

In-Studio Guests

Kara Sergile, grassroots advocate, about organizing for action and getting an advocacy toehold in your community.

Mikaela Randolph talks about school district joint use facilities and opportunities to leverage school district plant investment for local recreation and health benefits.

Jessica Meaney talks Safe Routes policy context and the need to ‘flip the script’ by looking holistically at data-driven transportation planning. We need to connect the public health & transportation dots, she says.

South Los Angeles advocate Tafari Bayne talks about connecting those dots for safer streets via a local non-profit like Trust LA.

Planner Deborah Murphy reminds us that there is no ‘silver bullet’ but instead there are multiple means (like the five Es of education, enforcement, etc.) to the safe streets end.

Paul Backstrom from City Council district 15’s (Rosendahl) provides an update on the City of Los Angeles’s new pedestrian staffer and talks about securing school-proximate improvements.

Thanks to Jim Brown of the California Bicycle Coalition for calling in with news from Sacramento and around the nation. Much appreciated, Jim!

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