08/04/12 Bike Talk

Bike Collisions: What Happens When You Get Hit?

Bike Talk podcastWe take a look at bike-involved collisions from the perspective of injured cyclists and a prominent bicycle attorney and talk about what to do in the event of a collision. This show aired on August 4, 2012.

California Bicycle Coalition honcho Jim Brown delivers the latest on federal and state legislation and policy. Upcoming legislature action on SB 1464 (3-foot passing), SB 1380 (CEQA relaxed review for bike lanes), upcoming Long Beach events (ProWalk, Women’s Summit)

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition Policy Director Eric Bruins introduces himself to the Bike Talk audience and discusses some of our regional policy challenges – including PCH improvements like buffered lanes near Trancas, numerous bike plans in progress, and the importance of LACBC regional partnerships. We touch on challenges and tips for advocates.

In-studio guests

Ross Hirsch characteristically making his point!James Hawkes talks about his collision experience, which could be called ‘best case’ because the driver claimed responsibility. Then come the challenges: dealing with the driver’s insurance company. A recumbent rider, James shares is bad experiences with Hummers in particular.

Alan Miranda shares his experience getting caught in the door zone on Pico when a parked car door flies open. These mean streets of Los Angeles!

Attorney Ross Hirsch offers some solicited and unofficial legal guidance, beginning with “Get out of the door zone! Take the lane.” He talks about what to do in the event of a collision.

Call-in guests

BikingInLA blogger Ted Rogers talks about this summer and the tally of road carnage from every cause from solo collisions to hit-and-runs. Thanks Ted!