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  • All Biking Is Local

    A ribbon cutting for the new segment connecting Pittsfield to Adams along the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail in Western Massachusetts.www.iberkshires.com/story/68152/Sta…-Extension.html47:00Butch Flowers, a farmer and handyman in the hill towns of Massachusetts, on his plan to ride from Portland to Massachusetts this summer.

  • Bikeways Ca Legislation Nyc Open Street Mass Rail Trail

    Bikeways, active transportation, climate change, and safe streets with Laura Friedman, California state Assemblymember and Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee, in conversation with Dave Snyder, Executive Director of the California Bicycle Coalition, and Melanie Curry, Editor of Streetsblog California. a43.asmdc.org/ New York City’s Jackson Heights created “Paseo Park,” a 1.3-mile stretch where “vehicles are…

  • Craig Della Penna

    Craig Della Penna worked in the railroad industry, and wrote a series of books on the history of old railroad lines converted to walking and biking trails. Craig also worked at the New England Rails-to-Trails Conservancy to prevent bad policy at the state and local level, “parachuting” into rail trail wars in the northeast. He…