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  • Leading the Way

  • Bikeways Ca Legislation Nyc Open Street Mass Rail Trail

    Bikeways, active transportation, climate change, and safe streets with Laura Friedman, California state Assemblymember and Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee, in conversation with Dave Snyder, Executive Director of the California Bicycle Coalition, and Melanie Curry, Editor of Streetsblog California. a43.asmdc.org/ New York City’s Jackson Heights created “Paseo Park,” a 1.3-mile stretch where “vehicles are…

  • Pending Active Transportation Legislation in California

    Warren Wells, Marin County Bicycle Coalition Policy & Planning Director, talks with cohost Lindsay Sturman about the bills on Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk: AB 43: Allow lower speed limits AB 122: Bikers treat stop signs as yields AB 773: Making slow streets permanent AB 1238: Repealing jaywalking laws Edited by Kevin Burton.