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  • Jeanie Ward Waller

    California’s Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is under new management. Deputy Director Jeannie Ward Waller, former CalBike  Policy Director, talks with her former boss, Calbike Executive Director Dave Snyder, about including biking and walking safety features in all their projects. With Streetsblog California Editor Melanie Curry and Bike Talk cohost Lindsay Sturman. Edited by Kevin Burton.

  • Ciclavia Calbike League Door Zone

    Ciclavia’s back, in Wilmington. Tafarai Bayne, Chief Strategist of Ciclavia, on masks, the history of Wilmington, and the importance of building a park for a day.www.ciclavia.org/wilmington21 California AB 122, the Safety Stop Bill, and AB 1238, the Freedom to Walk Act, on the CalBike Minute with Jared Sanchez, Senior Policy Advocate for the California Bicycle…