Save the Mamils


Trash Talk: A recent listener email objected to Bike Talk’s interview with Bike Mapper Jaimy Fisher because she didn’t use Strava data that included MAMILs (Middle Aged Men in Lycra). Original interview at: This, according to our listener, constituted “Trash Talking MAMILS.” Cohosts Taylor, Lindsay, Madeleine, Seamus & Nick do some introspecting, and find that we do indeed love MAMILs.  


Class Trip: MAMIL Taylor Nichols takes a 3-day tour of Michigan’s TART trail with some old high school friends.


EMT Advocate: Tyler Newcomb, bike advocate, EMT, board member of Bike Jersey City and Safe Streets Jersey City, on his journey to bike advocacy. With San Francisco activist Stacey Randecker.


Lit: The twilight world of lit up bikes, as told by Lit Riderz Jay Torrisi and April Stom with Reo Ramsey, owner of RK Mobile 313 and Founder of Motown Trailblazers Bicycle Club.

Edited by Taylor Nichols and Kevin Burton.

Closing Song, “Bike,” by Mal Webb.

Interstitial music, “Just Moving,” by Don Ward.

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