1:21 on.soundcloud.com/eVUsi
Alternative Vision: an update on campaigns of NYC safe streets advocacy organization Transportation Alternatives including Sammy’s Law and 25×25, with Associate Director of Communications Alexa Sledge.

12:53 on.soundcloud.com/FjXdn
Hunger for Justice: A hunger strike to get the NY State Assembly to pass Sammy’s Law for locally set speed limits by Families for Safe Streets co-founder and Sammy’s mother, Amy Cohen.

19:15 on.soundcloud.com/LozsA
In Memoriam: “Families Forever Changed,” a Poem by Tshaka Campbell. Available at Amy cohen’s twitter page: twitter.com/amylcohen

23:54 on.soundcloud.com/oZzFX
Kingston Trio: Ella Kondrat, Tonya Garment, and Rose Quinn on their article which stopped a reactionary attempt by the Kingston, NY Common Council to make all kinds of biking behaviors illegal. sweetenthestreets.substack.com/p/kingsto…edium=web

45:32 on.soundcloud.com/dAozN
Bike The Strike: Interviews from the road at the Los Angeles writers’ strike, by Taylor Nichols.

Editing by Kevin Burton, Amy Zehring, and Taylor Nichols.
Closing Song, “Bike,” by Mal Webb.
Interstitial music, “Just Moving,” by Don Ward.
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