Ending Car Supremacy Broadcast

:58 on.soundcloud.com/76wUv
The Price of Parking: Paved Paradise author Henry Grabar explains how parking ruins cities. With Taylor Nichols.

20:11 on.soundcloud.com/2KW2w
London Calling: journalist and Spokesmen podcaster Carlton Reid on how London, like Paris, makes driving inconvenient, and why that’s necessary to increase bike, pedestrian, and transit modeshare, for a more liveable city.  With Lindsay Sturman and Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher.

40:29 on.soundcloud.com/e6nze
Sounds of Silence: a Los Angeles iteration of the Ride of Silence, an international ride to commemorate those who’ve been killed or injured while riding a bike. The ride began at Jimmy Lizama’s Reciclos Co-op, with riders from No More Ghost Bikes and Trash Panda rides, including Anne Marie Drolet and Raff Hernandez. By Joe Borfo.

Editing by Kevin Burton, Taylor Nichols, Lindsay Sturman and Mitchell Bove.
Closing Song, “Bike,” by Mal Webb.
Interstitial music, “Just Moving,” by Don Ward.
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