Safety Bills the Joe Louis Greenway Bike Month

Bike Month: What’s happening May, Bike Month, in Santa Monica, Detroit, and Northampton, Massachusetts; cohosts Taylor Nichols, Lindsay Sturman, and Nick Richert get a rundown with Cynthia Rose, Director of Santa Monica Spoke, Todd Scott, Executive Director of the Detroit Greenways Coalition, and Elena Huisman, Board Member of Friends of Northampton Trails.

Greener Way: a 30 mile long “greenway” brings new life to Detroit communities. Joe Louis Greenway Project Manager Christina Peltier and Detroit cyclist K’Loni Thorpe talk with Taylor.

Speed Catchers: California AB 645 would put the brakes on drivers in 6 pilot cities, while addressing privacy and equity concerns. Los Angeles, San Jose, Oakland, Glendale, Long Beach, and the City and County of San Francisco would get speed cameras if the bill passes. Seamus Garrity talks with Becca Motola-Barnes of WalkSF.…peed-safety-cameras
Petition “Reign In Reckless Speeding In California:”…ing-in-california

Ironic Justice: U.S. diplomat Sarah Debbink Langenkamp returned from her work in Ukraine, a literal war zone, only to be killed in a bike lane by a truck driver making a right turn in Bethesda, Maryland. The Sarah Debbink Langenkamp Active Transportation Act would unlock roadway safety funds for local governments. Taylor talks about the act with Portland Congressmember Earl Blumenauer, who cosponsored the act, and Sarah’s husband, Daniel Langenkamp.

Editing by Kevin Burton.
Closing Song, “Bike,” by Mal Webb.
Interstitial music, “Just Moving,” by Don Ward.
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