Bike Month Always

His Turf: John Jones III, East Side Riders President, at CicLAvia Mini.

Critical Comeback: Vancouver’s conservative city council uses dedicated bike funds to remove a protected bike lane. In response, Vancouver’s Critical Mass has come back. With Lucy Maloney and Rob Zomber.

What you don’t know: Tire particles emit more pollution than modern tailpipes, a study finds, challenging assumptions about EVs, speed, and traffic. Nick Molden, CEO of Emissions Analytics, Dave Campbell, Bicycle Planner with Charlotte, NC, and Dr. Grace Peng, Natural Resources chair for the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles County.…usts-tests-show

Eat-n-Ride: In bike-friendly Northampton, Massachusetts, advocates celebrated Bike Month with a Bike Breakfast. Mayor Gina-Louise Sciarra, Bike Breakfast founder James Lowenthal, Massachusetts Bike Coalition Communications Coordinator Jes Slavin, All Bodies on Bikes Western Massachusetts Chapter Leader Jacob Shepherd-Seidl, New England mountain biking champion Salem Mazzawy, Council Vice-President Karen Foster, Northampton Cycling Club President Jonathan Brody.

D.C. Local: Washington, D.C. man on the street Joel Gwadz interviews Laura as she locks up her bike.

Editing by Kevin Burton.
Closing Song, “Bike,” by Mal Webb.
Interstitial music, “Just Moving,” by Don Ward.
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