Alleycats: The 23rd National Bike Summit, which wrapped up at the end of March, had an “adjacent” Alleycat ride: the Intro to Alleycat ride, or Alleycat for Dummies. Galen Mook, MassBike Executive Director, interviews Joel Gwadz, organizer of the ride, along with John Yeast of New Belgium Brewery, one of the ride’s sponsors.

Check it: at an Alleycat checkpoint in Washington, DC’s famous Blagden Alley, in front of the “Love” mural, volunteers Nick, Marina, and Lisa give away sponsored Dr. Bronner’s magic chocolate bars to riders who must take selfies. Volunteer Lisa Brady’s day job happens to involve Safe Routes to Schools, as well as being Board President of the Treasure Valley cycling Alliance in Boise, Idaho.

Growing fast: An Alleycat rider’s perspective on the ride resonates with history. Keshia Roberson, founder of Major Knox Adventures and presenter of They Were Seeds: The Buried Legacy of Black Wheelwomen at the National Bike Summit, interviews with Galen Mook.

Tour de Bike Lanes: commuters and tourists in a DC lane are treated as Tour de France racers by Cate Cohen, in honor of her husband, DC rider David Confer, who died of liver cancer.

After ‘cat: Galen Mook sums up the Alleycat and interviews Josh from Grand Rapids at the Alleycat afterparty.

Bike Troupe: The Agile Rascal Touring Theater’s performers and, sometimes, their audiences, incorporate bikes and riding in their shows. Dara Silverman, Artistic Director, unpacks at the Summit closing reception.

Representing: At the Summit’s closing reception Earl Blumenauer, Congressional Representative of Portland, Oregon and founder of the Congressional Bike Caucus, focused on this moment in bike advocacy.

Joining the Club: Northampton, Massachusetts bike champions Adele Paquin and Ruthy Woodring reflect on their new afterschool bike club at JFK Middle School as the semester comes to an end.

Book in Soweto: Bicycle Entrepreneur Mpumi Mtintso organizes Tour de Libraries and historical bike tours in the township of Soweto, South Africa.