Happy Holidays

Taylor Nichols and Nick Richert

1:41 on.soundcloud.com/mVj9p
Mixed Holidays: Christmas Wishes, recorded by Lynn Ingram at the Mixed Race ride.

3:33 on.soundcloud.com/JGZ2g
Fresh Start: Hugo Soto-Martinez talks with Bike Talk host Seamus Garrity about becoming the new Los Angeles Council District 13 representative, and his recent groundbreaking motion for better streets.

18:10 on.soundcloud.com/rgyVF
All Access: All Bodies on Bikes co-Founder Marley Blonsky and the ABOB Western Massachusetts Chapter Leader Jacob Sheppard-Saidel on Northampton’s first ride and the group’s success nationwide.

29:25 on.soundcloud.com/h8Xmw
Clearing the Way: Philip Marciniak on the e-bike snowplow he built and rides in British Columbia.

41:16 on.soundcloud.com/YnmBs
Livable City: Lindsay Sturman, Livable Communities Initiative co-Founder, talks about the bicycle’s place in a 15 minute city with Taylor Nichols.

Editing by Kevin Burton.
Closing Song, “Bike,” by Mal Webb.
Interstitial music, “Just Moving,” by Don Ward.
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