Healthy Streets


If the Los Angeles City Council votes to adopt the Healthy Streets LA initiative on 08/26/2022, the city will finally follow its own mobility plan, and add new bus and bike lanes on 1/3 of its streets.
Michael Schneider, founder of Streets For All, the nonprofit organization which created the Healthy Streets LA initiative, explains.

9:40 – Nedra Deadwyler on her bike tours of the human and civil rights stories in the history of Atlanta: Civil Bikes.
With Ruthy Woodring.

30:08 – Zach Katz uploads streets redesigned to be people-friendly using the artificial intelligence program DALL-E.
With Stacey Randecker.

52:10 – “Segway Batman,” a Chicago Segway tour guide, held a crosswalk protest to raise awareness of deadly driver behavior.

56:45 – Several hundred bicyclists rode through Toronto’s High Park in response to police harrassment of cyclists. Dave Shellnut, the Biking Lawyer, on why he organized the ride.