Ebike Vouchers Transportation vs Recreation and Healthy Streets

Connecticut’s SB4, a climate action bill, would give people vouchers to buy ebikes. Dr. Allie Thomas, an ebike researcher, supports it.

@ 24:25-Warren Wells on his tweet about having to differentiate between recreation and transportation for bike trips: twitter.com/WarrenJWells/status…3MgzqsQ0pozuLl87d_g

@ 36:18-The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition E.D. Eli Akira Kaufman and Senior Development Manager Genevieve Cerda promote the first in series of 3 “Bike Salons” to make LA more bikeable, with Pure Luck Cycles CoFounder/CEO and LACBC Board Treasurer Michael Fishman, and Santa Monica Spoke President and CoFounder Cynthia Rose. The Salon will encourage attendees to support the HealthyStreetsLA initiative.
With LA Bicycle Advisory Committee representative/Bike Talk cohost Taylor Nichols.
Edited by Kevin Burton.