Proposed North Fig Bike Lanes Meeting May 8, 2014

Proposed North Fig Bike Lanes Meeting May 8, 2014


“The North Figueroa Bike Lanes are legally approved, funded, and designed. Councilman Gil Cedillo has, since getting elected, put their installation on hold–” LA Streetsblog

Here is the meeting, plus reactions/commentary from cyclists (and one anti-lane person!) after the meeting. 

1:10 LA District 1 Council Member Cedillo spokesman 1:43 LA DOT: Tim Fremaux 5:11 LAPD NE Capt. Jeff Bert 8:46 Senior capt at ne firestation 44 9:37 Luciano Meza LADOT 11:02 pro-bike lane speakers 20:43 anti-bike lane speakers 29:39 Council Member Gil Cedillo 31:01 Kirstin Jensvold-Rumage, Occidental College Bikeshare mgr.; 32:02 Jennifer Gil, LA Metro 32:29 Steven Messer, Concerned Off-Road Bike Association 34:51 unidentified 36:14 Peter Hong 38:56 Council Member Gil Cedillo 42:13 pro bike lane Gilbert, and anti bike lane Susan 46:00 unidentified, + Flying Pigeon Bike Shop owner and activist Josef Bray-Ali 51:37 Bike Oven volunteer David Matsu